We are proud to call New Zealand home

New Zealand is a small country at the base of the world, famous for its stunning unspoilt landscapes, lush farmland and for being a country where there are more dairy cows than people. It has huge diversity – in landscape, climate, and people, which has turned this small South Pacific country into a unique paradise.

From sub-tropical Far North, to the deep south of the South Island – New Zealand is the final land mass before the ice shelves of Antarctica. Few countries in the world can boast New Zealand’s range of natural features – from high peaks and glaciers in vast mountain ranges to sub-tropical rainforests, lush rolling farmland to geothermal activity, white and black sand beaches to desert-like plains, and unpopulated islands – all within one compact land.

Awarua Southland

Southland is known as “the real New Zealand”, it has an unmatched beauty, native wildlife and vast unspoilt landscapes.

One of the largest regions in New Zealand, Southland’s vast array of lakes, mountains and fertile open plains make it a place of incomparable and unique beauty. Largely undeveloped and definitely unspoilt, this is home to AwaRua and this is where we have our organic farms. On average our Southland dairy farms get 1,600 sunshine hours and 1,000mm of rainfall annually, making it the perfect location to grow lush grass and happy cows.